What does a portable pressure calibrator do?

Are you looking for a pressure calibrator that you can use everywhere? A portable pressure calibrator is an easily applicable and portable calibration instrument. Especially useful if, for example, you want to calibrate your measuring instruments in hard-to-reach places.

There are different possibilities. The choice for an instrument is strongly dependent on the desired functionalities such as measurement ranges and applications. But it can also be depending on the industry you work in.

Do you want to know which one best suit your specifications? We are happy to think along with you.



Tradinco Instruments offers various portable pressure calibrators from various providers. With our wide range and extensive knowledge, we can properly advice you in choosing the right instrument.

The realization and developments of our Traqc-7 and 8 series are both regulated in-house. This ensures that we can also offer customized solutions.

Some instruments have a larger internal memory. This ensures, for example, the easy use of our AutoCal software, which helps you carry out and record calibrations effectively and easily.


Traqc-7 PC


Traqc-20 LPC


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There are several options for a portable pressure calibrator. Do you want to know which one best suits your needs? We are happy to show the differences and help you make the right decision.

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