Traqc 8 Kader

What does a portable high-pressure calibrator do?

Do you want to easily calibrate the high-pressure transmitters, pressure switches or safety valves on site? And carry out tests up to 200 bar without the instrumentation being tested coming into contact with oil?

This is possible with a high-pressure calibrator. With these
instruments you can measure and generate pressure at all locations independently of a pneumatic pressure source.

The built-in high-pressure gas buffer allows you to accurately
control and measure any desired pressure up to 200 bar. This high-pressure calibrator is available in an analog or digital version.



The portable high-pressure calibrators work pneumatically (e.g. with nitrogen or compressed air), instead of hydraulically. This minimizes the chance of contamination. Tradinco
Instruments has the Traqc-8 APC (the former 8185) and DPC available.

With the Traqc-8 DPC it is possible to measure electrical process signals. In combination with the AutoCal
calibration software, the calibration process is automatic and saves you time.


Traqc-8 APC

Traqc-8 DPC

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