What does a hand pump do?

Are you looking for a hand pump for making any desired pressure? Tradinco Instruments has a wide range of hand pumps. We have them in a range of 0 to 1000 bar for pneumatic or hydraulic applications.

Hand pumps are very useful instruments to set pressures for checking and calibrating pressure gauges and pressure sensors. With a hand pump you can easily make the test pressure. A fine control valve ensures accurate adjustment. If you combine the hand pump with a pressure gauge, you can accurately calibrate various instruments.



A handpump is used in various situations. For example, do you have to take a measurement at a location in a factory, further away from the maintenance site?
Then a hand pump is a necessity and a handy instrument to take with you. The hand pumps are robust and are made of sustainable and light weight materials.

Do you want to know which hand pump best fits your question? We will gladly help you out.


Traqc-5 P700 klein

Traqc-5 P700/1000


handpomp 8135 klein

8135 series


Traqc-5 P4 klein

Traqc-5 P4


Traqc-5 P40 klein

Traqc-5 P40-60


handpomp 8125 klein

8125 series


handpomp 8145 klein

8145 series


More information?

Are you interested in more information about our wide range of hand pumps? We are happy to show you and to think along about the various options.

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