What does a Dead Weight Tester do?

Do you calibrate electronic and mechanical pressure measuring instruments and reference instruments? Do you want to use the most accurate and stable measuring instrument available on the market? Then the Dead Weight Tester (DWT) is the right instrument. Due to the use of high-quality materials and especially the absence of sensitive electronics, this is an instrument with very little measurement uncertainty and very long-term stability. This measuring instrument is often used in factory and calibration laboratories in industry and
research laboratories.



A DWT is a primary measuring instrument. The measurement uses a single or double piston cylinder and a weight set. These are placed on a platform on which instrumentation is placed for connecting the instrument to be tested and the operating elements to be able to control any desired pressure in a controlled and stable manner.
DWTs are available for every application, from vacuum to high-pressure. The low pressures are often carried out with pneumatic variants. Hydraulic variants are available for high pressures. By using oil/gas separators, even hydraulic instruments can be used where contamination by liquid is not permitted.


Traqc-22 DWT


Traqc-22 V serie


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