Traqc-22-V Series

What does a comparison test pump do?

Can you test and calibrate different pressure (test and measuring) instruments with one instrument? It is possible with a comparison test pump. This is a very simple and robust instrument with which instrumentation can be tested or calibrated against a reference standard.

These instruments are equipped with a precision spindle pump that can generate pressures of up to 1400, 2500, 4000 and 7000 bar. The amount of fluid that is moved per stroke is sufficient enough to be able to test most instruments in any range without the need for a pre- pressure pump.

Traqc-22 V4000_7000


These pumps are mounted on a stainless-steel base plate on which a large liquid reservoir and two connection points are mounted. The pumps are supplied with various adapters for connecting the instrumentation.

The comparison tester is available in two different ranges, whereby versions for specific applications such as skydrol are possible. The instrument can also be used with demineralized water.




Traqc-22 DWT


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