What does a automatic pressure calibrator do?

Are you looking for an automatic pressure calibrator? An instrument to carry out fully automatic pressure controls, tests and calibrations? Tradinco Instruments has various automatic pressure calibrators in its product range. These instruments are often built-in into test benches or portable test set-ups. There are multiple possibilities. The choice is strongly dependable on the desired functionality such as measurement reaches, accuracy and applications. However, it can also depend on the industry you are working in. For every pressure reach, we have a suitable solution.



Tradinco Instruments has various pressure calibrators from various suppliers in its range. Within our own product portfolio, we have for example the Traqc-20. These instruments are often used in combination with our AutoCal software. This combination ensures that calibrations are carried out and recorded effectively and in a simple way. This saves you time and money.

Would you like to know which best suits your specifications? We will gladly think along.


Traqc-20 C20 serie


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