What does a pressure regulator do?

How do you apply the required pressure settingThis is done by a pressure regulator. With the help of a pneumatic pressure regulatortest pressures values can be set and controlled as required. Tradinco Instruments offers two types of pressure regulators. The model 30xx for pressure ranges up to 10 bar (low pressure) and the 8810 for up to 300 bar (high pressure). Pressure regulators are, for example,   used in our Traqc-9 series controllers. 

Model 30 Low Pressure Regulator | up to 10 bar | Tradinco Instruments


Do you want to set the pressure accurately and steadily for each measuring point during a calibration? This can be done with our pressure regulators. Several ranges are available for each type of regulator so you can set any desired pressure. 

Please contact us to find out which pressure regulator best suits your requirements. We are happy to assist you in any way we can. 


8810 (high pressure)


Model 30xx (low pressure)


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