How does a needle valve work?

Do you want to accurately regulate pressure up to a maximum of 400 bar? That is possible with this needle valve. Needle valves open and close a passage by means of a tapered pin that moves up or down by turning a spindle. Most needle valves are manually operated via a rotary handle.

While determining which is the best needle valve, we look at the requested material, pressure, size and desired temperature. We are happy to help you choose the most suitable application for you.



You can come across needle valves in many applications when an accurate and stable pressure control is important. In our Traqc-9 Series pressure regulators, needle valves are used to accurately set up every calibration point and carry out leak tests.

Tradinco Instruments has the needle valve T1700 in its range, which is equipped with a soft seat. This ensures optimal leak tightness. This valve can only by applied in processes with clean gases, air and nitrogen.


Liquid/gas separator


High-pressure regulator


Pressure limiter


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