How does the Poly-Flo connection work?

Are you looking for a connection especially for high-pressure instruments? Then you will soon arrive at minimess connections. These connections ensure that you can easily connect your test instruments and there are many options available. The hoses and couplings can be used for liquids or gases. These connections can handle a working pressure up to 630 bar. We sell various minimess measuring couplings, measuring points and measuring hoses.

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connection material


The system is extremely suitable for use up to a pressure of up to 10 bar. A Poly-Flo connection is standard used in our low pressure calibration solutions. Both for use in a workshop and for calibration applications in the field. With the connection you can quickly and leak-free connect the instruments.

A standard connection set, suitable for most applications is available.

The minimess connections are suitable for high pressure connections above 10 bar. Are you looking for hygienic connections? Then we can also help you.


Minimess connection


Dirt separator


needle valve


Liquid/gas separator


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Do you want to know more about the different possibilities and applications of Poly-Flo connections? Or the minimess connections? Or are you looking for special hygienic connections? We like to think along and are more than willing to show you the different solutions.

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