What will liquid/gas separators do?

Are you looking for a solution to protect your hydraulic dead weight tester (DWT) against dirt and contamination during testing and calibrating? Than consider a liquid/gas separator.

The separation of gas and liquid is essential for sensors that must not be exposed to oil and/or dirt from a reference instrument to ensure a moisture- and dirt-free application of the instrument. Tradinco Instruments offers the model 2255 separator. This 2255 separator includes an oil/gas separator (model 8335) with a gas pressure control unit. This combination is often used together with a hydraulic dead weight tester, such as the Traqc-22 DWT. The model 8335 can also be ordered as a loose unit.

kalibreren dwt


This liquid/gas separator is often applied to calibrate instrumentation that carry out measurements in the food and pharma industry. In addition, it is used in gas producing organizations that want to prevent any level of pollution related to product safety, reliability and even in case of explosion hazard.

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