connection material

When will you use connection material?

How do you correctly connect a measuring instrument to a test setup? Or attach a manometer to a hand pump? You can do this with different connection materials.

We offer two different options for this: Minimess or Poly-Flo. With the use of one of these two systems you can make a reliable and leak-proof connection in a safe and fast way.

Which system best meets your needs depends on the application and the test, or calibration job you want to perform. We are happy to advise you on this



The Poly-Flo quick coupling system is specifically intended for applications from low pressures up to 10 bar. The Minimess system is for higher pneumatic pressures and fluid applications.

Are you looking for special connection materials for hygienic applications, very deep vacuum or very high pressures above 1000 bar? We can also advise you on this.






Needle valve


Dirt separator


More information?

Are you looking for the right connection material for low or high pressure? We like to think along.

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