What does this pressure gauge do?

Do you want an accurate, analog pressure gauge, made of high-quality material? The precision pressure gauges from Labom distinguishes themselves from other pressure gauges because of their higher accuracy and improved reading accuracy.

The diameter of the dial is between 100 and 160 mm and in combination with the improved linearity, an accuracy of class 0.25 or class 0.6 according to EN837-1 can be achieved. Precision pressure gauges are made entirely out of stainless-steel and are available in pressure reaches from -1.. up to a maxium of 600 bar.

Are you looking for a digital pressure gauge? The products of the ECOnomic line from Labom might be suited for you. Pressure gauges that need to be suited for harsh conditions are available from the Industrial line.



Precision pressure gauges are mainly used in control and test panels on machines and in laboratories.

A pressure gauge is not dependable on electricity, which can be a benefit in the following situation:

  • In remote location where electricity is difficult to connect.
  • As back-up for electrical transmitters in safety-critical applications in case of a power down.
  • In potentially explosive atmospheres, where preferably no electrical components are used.

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Technical specifications

  • Accuracy class 0.25 or 0.6 according to EN837-1
  • Reach from -1…600 bar
  • ATEX
  • Can be supplied with flanges for mounting in panel

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