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What does a pulled wire sensor do?

How do you easily measure the position and movement of a certain angle? This can be done by means of a pull wire sensor, also called string pots. These are sensors with which distance can be measured and by doing that, a position can be determined.

With these sensors, the movement of a component is measured by pulling a wire, usually a stainless-steel cable, out of the sensor. This ensures that a potentiometer or encoder is rotated, and the displacement is converted to an analog or digital signal.

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The environment usually determines which type is most suitable, such as string pots with metal and plastic housings. Some types are suitable to use in a wet environment, while others are more intended for a dry (lab) environment. These position sensors are used in machines and test arrangements. This includes lift equipment, movable worktables, swivel arms, robots, doors, etc.

There are. versions that are suitable for measuring small displacements (max 38 mm) with high precision, such as the ZX series from Unimeasure. But it is also possible to measure greater distances when used on ships or cranes. Some sensors are optimized for the automotive and equipped with CAN interfaces, such as the MT-series of TE-connectivity.

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