How does this digital pressure sensor work?

Are you looking for a digital pressure sensor that complies with the hygiene requirements set by companies in the food and pharmaceutical industry? The CV4 series digital pressure sensors from Labom are high-quality pressure transmitters that meet the requirements of the EHEDG. With a compact housing of Ø59 mm, this one is transmitter the compact version of the CI4 series.

Like the CI4, it is possible to fully parameterize the transmitter and use diagnostic functions. The transmitter is easy to program via the display and because it is swappable it can be easily used to copy configurations from one transmitter to another.


Due to the advanced functions, this transmitter meets the highest installation requirements. The transmitter is widely used in installations within the Biotech and Pharma. In addition, this transmitter fits well in high-quality machines or gas cabinets.

Due to its compact size, material is saved and this sensor fits well on the typically smaller pipe diameters and tanks that are common in these industries. The CV 4100 has a threaded connection. The CV 4110 has a hygienic connection and a diapraghm seal operation.


Technical specifications

  • Fully compact stainless steel housing in hygienic design according to guidelines of the EHEDG, degree of protection IP 65/67
  • Accuracy ≤ 0.15%
  • Extensive parameterization, simulation and diagnostic functions
  • Measuring range 0 .. 0.25 bar to 0 .. 400 bar
  • Output signal: 4 .. 20 mA, Hart & Digital communication via PDM / EDD and FDT / DTM
  • Standard available with different (hygienic) process connections, several of which can be supplied with the EHEDG certificate.

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