Produkt_CV3 Serie

How does the digital pressure sensor work?

Are you looking for a modular digital pressure sensor suitable for the (petrol) chemical industry, process industry or engineering? The Pascal CV3 series from Labom is a compact transmitter with display that can be used to measure pressure and differential pressure. The transmitter has a modular structure, making it easy to choose for HART, Profibus, Switch or display functionality. When a function is not needed, the module is simply omitted. This keeps the transmitter as simple as possible. The CV310 has a conventional (screwed) process connection while type CV311 is provided with hygienic process connections.



Because the sensor can be provided with both hygienic and conventional connections, the scope of this transmitter is very wide. The standard version is mainly used in the (petrol) chemical industry, while the hygienic version (CV311) is widely used in the Biotech pharma and food & beverage. The compact, robust design and extensive certification of this sensor make it an economical solution for many applications.

Do you want to know which sensor best fits your specifications? We gladly think along.

Technical specifications

  • Accuracy 0,15%
  • Output: 4..20 mA, HART, Profibus
  • Reach: 0..400bar; 0..80mbar differential. (turndown 5:1)
  • Approved for safety: Atex, SIL2, EHEDG, FDA and GMP

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