Pace 1000

How does this pressure indicator work?

Are you looking for a high-precision pressure indicator? A measuring instrument specifically designed for test benches, work tables, and panel mounting. And also suitable for calibration, test and monitoring applications? Then the PACE 1000 from GE Druck is a fitting measuring instrument for you. It is the solution for monitoring, testing and calibration applications. With its digital pressure sensors, the PACE 1000 offers quality, stability and a high bandwidth. This, in combination with the precision and the piezo-resistive sensor technology, makes it an extremely versatile complete instrument.

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The PACE 1000 offers a choice of three different pressure ranges. It comes with a one-, two- or three-channel pressure gauge. The PACE is designed as a pressure reference for testing and calibrating other pressure devices. This includes pressure sensors, transmitters, analog pressure gauges, pressure switches and pressure reduction / burst devices and other pressure instruments such as portable calibrators. The PACE 1000 can be used independently, but can also be easily built into our test bench.

Technical specifications

  • Up to three pressure measurements displayed simultaneously
  • Measuring ranges up to 1000 bar (14,500 psi / 100 MPa)
  • Choice of accuracy up to 0.005% FS
  • Long term stability up to 0.01% Rdg per year
  • At government organizations for the calibration of the pressure equipment

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