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What does the MPL 800 pressure switch do?

Are you looking for a small pressure switch for medium to high pressure ranges? MPL800 might be a good match. MPL 800 is a miniature pressure switch. When pressure reaches pre-defined set-point, an electrical switch is opened or closed.

MPL800 is designed for accurate and reliable operation in applications with medium to high pressures or pressure differences. The switch has a low weight, robust aluminium-zinc casing.

MPL800 has similar switch functionality as the MPL600, including SPDT contacts and switch dead bands or hysteresis.

MPL800 2


This pressure switch is mainly used for actively monitoring pressures in machines and installations. Think of a compressor or pump that must be switched on or off at a certain
pressure level.

The MPL 800 pressure switch has a number of smart functions that make the use of a PLC or computer redundant in some instances. For example, a switch dead band (hysteresis) can be set, preventing the switch from continuously jumping on and off.

Technical specifications

  • Range 10 ..250 PSI / 690 mbar .. 17 Bar 500PSI Burst pressure
  • Material: Zinc - aluminium body, polyurethane
  • Diaphram is standard, other materials are
  • Temperature range: -40.. 85 °C

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