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What will the MPL 500 & MPL 600 pressure switch do?

MPL 500 and MPL 600 are miniature pressure switches. When pressure reaches pre-defined set-point, an electrical switch is opened or closed.

MPL500 is designed for accurate and reliable operation in applications with low pressures or pressure differences. The switch has an ultra low weight at just 10 grams and is UL approved.

MPL600 is similair to the MPL500, but with added switch functionality, likt SPDT and Switch dead bands, it can be used in applications that require a bit more finesse.

MPL 600 Pressure Switch | Tradinco Instruments


These pressure switches are used to monitor pressures in machines, installations and vehicles. Usually applications can be found in HVAC and high tech machinery.

Typical examples are: Monitoring pressure drop over filterunits, to prevent glogging. Switching vacuumpumps or blower to maintain over- and under- pressure in a cabin of cleanroom.

As an extra service, Tradinco Instruments can adjust set-pressure and fine tune the switch pressures in our cleanroom to increase accuracy and uniformity.

Technical specifications

  • UL recognized component
  • Range: <0.07 in / H2O to 550 in H2O (20psi), Burst 25 PSI
  • Material: diaphragm choice of: polyurethane, fluor silicone, EPDM, Teflon® and other
    Glass-filled polyester housing
  • Temperature range -40..120 °C

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