What will pressure switches do?

Are you looking for small pressure switches to monitor pressure in a machine, for example? The miniature pressure switches MPL 500 and MPL 600 are extremely suitable. Both
switches categories as small pressure switches. They contain a mechanical transmission that produces or interrupts an electrical contact at a pre-set pressure level.

The MPL 500 is designed to work very accurately and reliably in applications with low pressures or different pressure levels. The switch only weighs 10 grams and has an UL approval. In addition the MPL 600 has more extensive switching functionality, such as SPDT and hysteresis (switch dead bands). The MPL 600 is slightly heavier at 18 grams.



A pressure switch monitors pressure levels in machines and installations. Think of monitoring filter units to prevent them from becoming clogged. Or for switching a vacuum pump to
manage pre-defined pressure levels in a certain area. The models are primarily used in (high-tech) machine construction facilities, the automotive sector and HVAC.

Would you like to determine in advance at which pressure level the switch is applied? We can help you by accurately setting and certifying the of exact switching point. This allows
optimum reliability and precision to be delivered in an economically responsible manner.

Technical specifications

  • UL recognized component
  • Range: <0.07 in / H2O to 550 in H2O (20psi), Burst 25 PSI
  • Material: diaphragm choice of: polyurethane, fluor silicone, EPDM, Teflon® and other
    Glass-filled polyester housing
  • Temperature range -40..120 °C

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