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What does the model 3801 sensor measure?

Do you want a sensor to measure one direction vibrations? Model 3801A is a uniaxial accelerometer or vibration sensor. This means that it measures vibrations in one direction. This model is designed to measure high vibration levels from 50 to 2000g. The sensor is also DC response, this means it can measure from 0 Hz. The frequency response depends on the measuring range between 800 and 4000 Hz. Model 3801A housing is hermetically sealed and made of stainless steel.



The model 3801A accelerometer is compact and robust. It is optimized for measuring high vibration levels. The sensor is most often used in R&D environments. For example in impact tests, drop tests and structural testing, such as engine support frames. Because it is possible to measure from 0 Hz, the sensor is very suitable for impact and drop tests.

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Technical specifications

  • ± 50g to ± 2000g Dynamic Range
  • 10,000g Shock Protection
  • Hermetically sealed, insulated from the mounting surface
  • mV Output, DC Response
  • Stud mounting

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