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What does the MK6 leak tightness tester do?

Do you want to measure the leak tightness of your products? The MK6, a pneumatic pressure measuring instrument, is your solution. By carrying out a measurement based on pressure decay, you can easily test the leak tightness with the MK6. You connect the leak tightness measuring instrument to compressed air, set up the parameters and test completely automatically. With the built-in booster, you can create test pressures up to 10 bar.

We offer this instrument in a sturdy, portable flight case, which makes it perfectly suited for mobile use. The system automatically saves measuring results and you can easily download the data to a USB-connection. The leak tightness measuring instrument MK6 monitors pressure safety, actively as well as passively.

MK6 Leak Tightness Tester Case | Tradinco Instruments


The leak tightness measuring instrument MK6 is often used by production- and Q/A- engineers in high-tech mechanical engineering. Why? This is because an incorrectly tightened coupling or a small crack in a heat exchanger can lead to small leakages with massive impact. When you do not timely trace down those leakages, this can lead to unsafe situations and damages.

Luckily, these leakages are easily and safely traceable with a pressure drop test made possible by the MK6 leak tightness case.

Just like our Traqc calibrators, we develop the MK6 ourselves, with the knowledge and extensive customer feedback gained using our previous products.


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