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How does a Minitherm temperature sensor work?

Are you looking for a temperature sensor for small tank sizes and pipe diameters? The Minitherm temperature sensors from Labom suits your needs. These PT100 temperature sensors are extremely compact, without sacrificing fast response times among other things.

At the heart of this sensor is a 3 or 4 wire PT100. There are various options for transmitters and thermowells.

  • GA2730 is optimized for installation in a thermowell.
    The measuring probe is spring- mounted.
  • GA270HY is optimized for hygienic applications and is EHEDG certified.
  • GA270 Is kept as simple as possible and comes with threaded connection.
Minitherm Temperature Sensor | Tradinco Instruments


Due to its compact design and high reliability, this transmitter can be used in a wide variety of processes. The hygienic versions (GA270HY) are commonly used in food & beverage, pharma and biotech. Because the transmitter is so compact, it also fits well in production lines for smaller volumes. The GA2730 is widely used in high pressure processes or where work is done with powders.

Within our portfolio we also have the GA2730 thermowell, which is engineered to be implemented in hygienic installations. The GA270 is widely used in all kinds of machines, (waste) water management and more general processes. Do you want a temperature sensor with display added? Then consider the GV4370 solution.

Technical specifications

  • ATEX, SIL2, EHEDG & 3A, IO-link, HART
  • Compact, fast response time
  • 3 or 4 wire PT100, accuracy better than 0.1%
  • Choice of 3 basic designs: hygienic, thermowell, simplicity

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