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How does the M5600 pressure sensor work?

Are you looking for a sensor with a wireless Bluetooth connection? The M5600 is a pressure sensor with a built-in Bluetooth 4.0 connection. The sensor is powered by a button cell battery (CR2050 or CR2032) and can communicate via Bluetooth with Android, IOS or Microsoft Windows systems. With a piezoresistive sensor and 24 Bit A/D conversion, a high
accuracy of 0.25% FS can be achieved. The design also makes the sensor very robust. This makes the sensor resistant to contaminated water, steam and a range of corrosive liquids
and has an IP rating of IP66 / 67.



When it is not convenient nor possible to get a cable on location, a Bluetooth connection can be the right solution. Think of measurements on rotating parts or moving vehicles. This may also be a solution for some monitoring applications. Depending on the sample rate and chosen battery, the battery life is typically 1 or 2 years. The maximum operating temperature is 125 °C.

Technical specifications

  • High precision, ±0,01% FS over compensated temperature reach
  • High stability, ±100 ppm FS/year
  • Wide temperature range, up to -40 + 125 °C (-40 to 257°F)
  • Wide choice of pressure- and electrical connection to meet specific requirements
  • Range: 0..2 bar up to 0.. 70 bar of barometric

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