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What are industrial manometers?

Are you looking for industrial, robust manometers of a high quality level? We offer bourdon tube manometer manufactured by Labom, an expert in this field.

On a picture all manometers look the same, but there are differences. Industrial manometers are heavy quality devices.

Depending on the application, different materials can be used. There are separate versions for applications in the chemical-, food- and pharma industry. For special applications in Food & Beverage, Pharma & Biotech or chemical industry, special diaphragm seals can be used, made to your requirements. Some models can be equipped with an electrical output”

Industrial Manometers | Pressure Gauges | Tradinco Instruments


Pressure gauges are used when a pressure level has to be measured. The industrial pressure gauges are of a heavier quality. This makes them suitable for applications in heavy industries, and on machines where, for example, vibrations and aggressive media are present. Bourdon pressure gauges are also very suitable for high-pressure applications.

With these pressure gauges it is standard option to add your own name or company logo on the dial.

Technical specifications

  • Range depending on manometer type between -1..600 bar
  • ATEX
  • Accuracy class 1.0 per EN 837-1

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