Hand Pump Model 8135 | 5 bar | Tradinco Instruments

How does this hand pump model 8135 work?

How can you easily generate pressure? The Model 8135 hand pump generates pneumatic pressures up to approximately 5 bar. The pump is very handy tool for generating and adjusting pneumatic pressure. The hand pump has a plastic housing for maximum grip and preventing heat transferHeat transfer from for example, the heat of your hand can lead to unwelcome pressure fluctuations. Furthermore, the pump is compact, robust and lightweight, making it ideal to operate in the field. 

Hand Pump Model 8135 | 5 bar | Tradinco Instruments


The hand pump part is located at one end of the pump. This allows the pressure to be generated quickly and easily. With the volume control on the other side of the pump, the pressure can be adjusted. By using the fine metering valve, the pressure can be gradually relieved, reducing the chance of possible personal injury or equipment damage. This hand pump can only be used in processes with clean gases, air and nitrogen. The pressure connections are made via a 1/8 "NPTF (hose connection 4x6 mm).

Technical specifications

  • Reach: approximately 5 bar
  • Very precise pressure control
  • Precision needle valve
  • Heat insulating material
  • Private labeling possible

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