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How does the GV4610 thermometer work?

Do you need a thermometer for sterile applications in the food and pharma sector? A thermometer that you can install without compromising the hygiene of the process? Then we recommend the temperature transmitter GV4610.

This is a temperature transmitter in a compact stainless steel housing. It has a high resolution graphic display. This is a highly favourable feature for temperature readings and programming the transmitter. The temperature measurement is performed with a PT100 that is installed on the outside of a pipeline using the patented  clamp-on technology.

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Because of the clamp-on technology, the GV4610 is widely used in installations in the Food & Beverage-, Biotech- and Pharma industry. The temperature transmitter reliably measures the temperature, whilst contact with the medium is avoided.

The thermometers of the GV4610 series are made of stainless steel with a hygienic design according to the guidelines of EHEDG and 3A protection level IP 65-67. The display has a high ease of use, even if the temperature has to be read on location. Do you require an alternative size? We are more than happy to assist you with your customized specification requirements.

Technical specifications

  • PT100 Class A, fast response
  • Range: -40 .. 150 °C * other ranges are available on request
  • Non-invasive measuring technique, no extra insulation required
  • ATEX, SiL2

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