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How does a GV4370 temperature sensor work?

Are you looking for a temperature sensor with a compact and hygienic design? The GV4370 temperature sensor is a compact temperature transmitter for PT100s. The housing and wetted parts are entirely made of stainless steel. The design specifications follow the EHEDG and 3A guidelines.

The GV4370 has a removable display. This is particularly useful for on-site reading of the measured values. It can also be used to parameterize the transmitter. The sensor is designed in such a way that it is easy to combine with different types of thermo wells. Especially for this, the HIT thermowells with surface roughness less than 0.4 µm.

GV4370 Series Temperature Sensor | Tradinco Instruments


These transmitters are primarily used in the industries where hygiene is of the utmost importance. Think of industries such as food & beverage, pharma and biotech.

They are ideally suited for applicability in these industries because of their high-quality hygienic design. The design ensures that the transmitter fits in an environment where contamination prevention and food safety is essential. Because of their compactness the transmitter can easily be applied to systems with smaller pipe diameters and / or process connections.

Technical specifications

  • Hygienic design according to EHEDG & 3A
  • PT100, class A
  • Accuracy better than 0.1%
  • Compact & robust. completely constructed of stainless steel

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