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How does the GP2610 thermometer work?

The GP2610 thermometer is a temperature switch that can be placed on the outside of a pipeline using clamp-on technology. The clamp-on technology makes it possible to perform reliable non-invasive measurements. The output of this switch is a 4 (OFF) or 33 mA (ON) output. The switching points can be set between -40 and 150 degrees. A delay of up to 99 seconds can also be set. An LED indicator always shows whether the sensor is open or closed.

GA2610 sensor | Clamp On Technology | Tradinco Instruments


The GP 2610 thermometer is usually directly connected to a PLC I / O. The switch is applied to turn heating or cooling on and off. Because the temperature sensor is mounted on the outside of a pipeline using clamp-on technology, contact with the medium is avoided therefore there is no risk of contamination or leakage. This switch is primarily used in installations where hygiene is of the utmost importance, such as Biotech pharma and food and beverage. Also the switch is operated in gas cabinets of high-tech machines.

Technical specifications

  • 2 wire temperature switch
  • Output from 4 mA OFF or 33 mA ON
  • Switch point accuracy: ± 0.5K
  • Clamp-on mounting technique

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