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What does a gas expansion thermometer do?

Are you looking for a very reliable mechanical temperature gauge? Who can handle extreme conditions? Then the gas expansion thermometers are very suitable. These thermometers are filled with gas. As the temperature changes, the density of the gas will change and can be read on a dial. By adding a capillary, the dial can be placed meters away from the measuring location.

There are different connection methods:
• Invasive, this involves a probe in the process;
• Clamp-on measures the outside of a pipe;
• Inline, where the thermometer becomes an integral part of a process line.

Gas Expansion Thermometer | Labom | Tradinco Instruments


Gas expansion thermometers are widely used. In heavy industry, on board ships, but also in food production and other sanitary systems. By adding switch contacts, the thermometer can also function as a temperature protection in functional safety systems. A cooling water system can be switched on if, for example, the temperature becomes too high in a system to prevent an explosion.

There is a version that can be attached to the pipe especially for installations with hazardous substances. The process always remains closed.

Technical specifications

  • ATEX, SIL2
  • Housing and wetted parts RVS, NS100 / NS160
  • Accuracy class 1 per EN 13190
  • Process connection; screwed, thermowell, clamp-on, inline, custom meassure in consultation

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