ECOnomic Labom

What will these pressure meters do?

Are you looking for a simple pressure gauge? In many machines or installations, it is very useful to be able to read the pressure locally. Does this not have to be super accurate and, for example, are there no special requirements for the process connection? Then a simple manometer is often good enough. However, this small compartment also has to meet the quality standards.

The ECOnomic series from Labom are an excellent choice for these criteria.

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The ECOnomic series from Labom are simple manometers, but the quality level is slightly higher than average. This is reflected in the finish and choice of materials. In other words, affordable (German) quality.

This pressure gauge is often found on smaller pressure vessels, around pumps and compressors, steam generators and cleaning systems. Did you know that it is also possible to provide the dial of the manometer with your own logo?

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Technical specifications

  • Reach from -0.6…0 to -1…15 bar and 0…0.6 to 0…160 bar
  • Made from stainless-steel
  • Protection level IP 65
  • Accuracy class 1 and 1.6 per ENG 837-1 respectively

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