How does a DPI 800 / DPI 802 work?

Do you need a portable measurement instrument to test and calibrate different process parameters, such as pressure, electrical or temperature? Within the advanced DPI 800 series, we can help you to select the right instrument, which is sturdy and easy to use.

The instruments of the DPI 800 series are characterized by advanced features and technical innovations. Interested in all its possibilities? Take a look at the overview below or contact us. We like to help you decide on the best option.

IDOS sensor


The DPI 800 pressure indicator is available with a maximum of two internal pressure sensors. Furthermore, it is possible to connect IDOS sensors to the instrument. These are intelligent pressure sensors which will be automatically identified by the DPI 800. This gives you flexibility and expansion options.

In addition to pressure, would you also want to measure and simulate mA signals for loop testing? Then the DPI 802 is suitable for your needs. The DPI 802 features a 24V loop power. The DPI 880 is suitable for testing, configuring and calibration of multiple process parameters.

Technical specifications

  • Measuring range from 25 mbar to 700 bar
  • Available with one or two internal sensors
  • Transmitter calibration
  • Switch test function

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