Digital pressure indicators

Are you looking for a digital pressure indicator which is easily operated with one hand? One that offers the right solution for (routine) maintenance proceedings and troubleshooting activities?

The DPI 705 series digital pressure indicators are accurate (0.1% FS) and reliable pressure meters in a sturdy and lightweight casing.

The series are developed by DRUCK-GE, who have been developing high quality products for many years.



The hand operated pressure indicators are available in four different models, namely: the DPI 705, the DPI 705R, the DPI 705 IS and the DPI705 ISR.

The DPI 705 has a built-in pressure sensor, whereas the DPI 705R has the possibility to connect an external sensor. The other two models, the DPI 705 IS and the DPI 705 ISR, have the same specifications but are also suitable for intrinsic safety.

Depending on your desired specifications, we can help you decide on the most suitable model. The IS models are certified for use in explosive, dangerous environments, according to European and American standards.

When you combine the pressure indicator with a pneumatic or hydraulic hand pump, such as the Traqc-5 or PV411, you will have a calibration solution for the calibration of analog manometers and digital pressure meters.

Technical specifications

  • Measuring range from 0 to 70 mbar, … 700 bar
  • 16 units of measurement
  • Barometric models
  • 1-minute leak test
  • Waterproof, type 12/IP54

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