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What does a DPI 612 do?

A measuring instrument that combines pressure measurements, signal measurements and loop power. Is this the solution you are looking for? Then the DPI 612 is a suitable pressure calibrator for you. Like the DPI 611, this pressure calibrator is robust and easy to use. In addition, the instrument has additional functionality.

The Instrument has a modular structure and an interchangeable pressure module. This makes it ideal for measuring various pressures in the field with extreme accuracy. The DPI 612 is one of the successors of the DPI 610/615 series. Compared to its predecessors, the new version has, among other things, a higher accuracy and with the touch screen a greatly simplified ease of operation

DPI 612 Compleet Pressure Calibrator | Tradinco Instruments


Within the DPI 612 Flex series, three different basic models are available:

  • DPI 612 pFlex: generates 95% vacuum up to 20 bar pneumatically
  • DPI 612 pFlexPro: generates 95% vacuum up to 100 Bar pneumatically
  • DPI 612 hFlexPro: 0 to 1000 bar Hydraulic

All three models are extremely precise and can be easily adjusted to any desired pressure using the efficient hand pumps and precision volume controls. The hydraulic version of hFlexPro has an internal reservoir for hydraulic oil or water. With the pre-pressure pump a pressure can be built up very quickly and possible gas inclusions can be compressed, after which pressure can be generated quickly and easily with the volume regulator up to 1000 bar.

Do you want to know which variant best suits your needs? We are happy to discuss the possibilities with you.

Technical specifications

  • A complete calibration instrument: pump, measure, analyse
  • Pressure modules with very high accuracy
  • Fast and reliable from vacuum to 1000 bar
  • Quick-to-fit pressure adapters & hoses for a quick and leak-free solutio


  • External pressure modules available
  • Easy to combine with AutoCal
  • Rechargeable batteries and charge

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