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What does a DPI 611 pressure calibrator do?

Which portable pressure calibrator best suits your requirements? Baker Hughes / Druck has been making pressure calibrators since 1984. The DPI 611 is the 4th generation in Druck's DPI 600 family. The DPI 611 is a compact pressure calibrator, it is one of the successors of the DPI 610 PC and 615 PC models. This pressure calibrator is renowned for its simple and clear operation. The DPI 611 is more efficient compared to its predecessors. Furthermore, it is robust and easy to use for many applications.


The DPI 611 is a pressure calibrator with swipe screen technology and a built-in pressure pump. This allows you to set any pressure from vacuum to 20 bar extremely accurately and quickly. This makes the instrument universally applicable for many on-site calibration applications. Your favourite tasks can be easily created and called up in the menu.

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Technical specifications

  • Technical features
  • Built-in hand pump 95% vacuum to 20 bar in less than 30 seconds
  • Measure voltage and current
  • Generates power
  • Storage for favourite tasks
  • Automatically calculates Pass and Fail errors

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