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What does a DPI 104 digital pressure indicator do?

Are you looking for an accurate, versatile and affordable digital pressure gauge? The DPI 104 is an accurate, microprocessor controlled digital pressure gauge. The pressure gauge combines precision and functionality with compactness, robustness and is easy to use. The DPI 104 is also available in an IS variant for use in an explosion hazardous environments. Combine the pressure gauge with a hand pump and you have a versatile calibration instrument for use at different pressures.

DPI 104 IS Digital Pressure Indicator | Tradinco Instruments


Due to the user-friendly design, the DPI 104 manometer is good to use as a stand-alone process indicator. The instrument has 11 selectable pressure units and is available in a wide range of pressure ranges. Up to a maximum of 1400 bar. The display is large and easy to read. The pressure gauge can be used in combination with the hand pump kit as a simple calibration solution.

Technical specifications

  • Accuracy 0.05 FS
  • Pressure reach up to 1400 bar
  • Temperature compensated between -10 ° C and 50 ° C
  • Pressure switch test. min/max, tarra and alarm functions
  • Large and clear display

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