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What does the CPC8000 automatic pressure calibrator do?

Are you looking for an automatic pressure calibrator with exchangeable sensors in the highest accuracy class? The Wika CPC8000 is a fast and accurate pressure regulator including integrated reference sensors. It is suitable for testing and calibrating a wide variety of pressure sensors up to 400 bar. The instrument automatically regulates the set pressure from a incoming feed pressure. This makes the CPC8000 particularly suitable for stable pressures at any desired point in a production process or calibration setup in laboratories and other configurations. The instrument is equipped with a large touch screen allowing ultimate usability and menu navigation.


The industrial pressure calibrator CPS8000 can be equipped with three interchangeable sensors with a pressure range between -1… 400 bar. Thus, this platform can be optimized for a wide range of applications for accurate measurements over a wide range. With an optional barometer, the instrument can also be used to test or calibrate absolute pressure instrumentation. Due to the high accuracy and resolution, this instrument can be used from very low pressures up to 400 bar.

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Technical specifications

  • Large touchscreen for easy operation.
  • Up to three integrated, interchangeable reference sensors
  • Pressure ranges -1 ... 400 bar in the pressure types positive and negative pressure gauge and absolute pressure.
  • Control stability <0.002% FS
  • Accuracy 0.008% IS (Intelliscale)
  • 0.004% FS precision

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