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What does a clip-on thermometer do?

Do you want to measure the temperature of liquids in pipelines without having to drill, weld or making other adjustments? The clip-on temperature sensor from Labom is a mechanical temperature indicator that uses the gas expansion measuring principle. The instrument is applied to the outside of a pipeline and thus measures the temperature at the surface of a pipeline. The clip-on thermometer is a mechanical instrument, therefore it can be operated even when the power supply drops.

Clip-on Thermometer | Mechanical Temperature Indicator | Tradinco Instruments


The clip-on thermometer is primarily operated on installations in the petrochemical industry. Because the instrument is placed on the outside of the installation, the installation does not need to be opened. This is particularly useful if the installation’s pipelines are cleaned with a pig. And, for safety reasons, as few process connections as possible can be used.
Because no process connections are required, the instrument can also be added to an installation afterwards. It is not needed to take the installation out of operation.

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Technical specifications

  • Nominal range -40 °C ... 250 °C
  • Entirely made out of stainless steel
  • Accuracy class 1 per EN 13190 when insulated in the plant
  • Micro adjustment pointer for indication correction

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