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What will the CG2010 submersible pressure sensors do?

Are you looking for a pressure sensor that can be used for various fluid levels? The CG210 is a submersible pressure sensor from Labom. Next to pressure, the sensor can also measure temperatures. Because the submersible pressure sensor operates below the water surface, it is vital that the materials which it is made of, can withstand a variety of environmental influences. Therefore the pressure sensor is made out of titanium and the stainless steel housing is covered in a special coating.



This sensor is used in applications where water levels are measured. For example on board ships, in ballast tanks. But also at industrial locations where waste water is being processed. The sensors can as well be used in certain  swimming pools as well. To determine the right volume of an object instantly, the sensor can be parameterized to correct for irregular shapes.

Technical specifications

  • Range: 0..160 mbar to0..2500 mbar
  • Accuracy 0.15%
  • IP68, ATEX
  • Material: Coated stainless steel and titanium membrane

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