More than only calibrating

Only calibrating instruments is not enough for us. The calibration result alone says nothing about, for example, the quality of batteries, pipework, test connections and accessories of your valuable instruments. Our calibration service is that we also carry out maintenance and functional tests. That is what distinguish us from our competitors. Therefore, you will not only get a calibrated instrument, carried out in our ISO 17025 certified laboratory, with a calibration certificate and sticker, but you will know that your instrument is in good condition.


Pressure Calibration service



Electrical Calibration service



Position Calibration service



Temperature Calibration service


Interested in more information?

Our knowledge goes far beyond just calibrations. That is why we offer calibration services. If an instrument is no longer accurate or repairable, we can offer you a good alternative. We are happy to think along with you about the variety of possibilities.