More than only calibrating

We go the extra mile than just calibrating. After all, the outcome of the calibration alone does not say anything about the quality of the batteries, the internals and / or the connections of your valuable instruments. With our unique calibration services we also provide service activities and perform functional tests of the instruments. Your instrument is not only calibrated in our ISO 17025 accredited calibration laboratory (K050) and then provided with a required calibration sticker, but we also ensure that your instrument is again in optimal conditions. This is what distinguish Tradinco Instruments from the competition.

Pressure Calibration service


Electrical Calibration service


Temperature Calibration service


More information?

Our knowledge goes far beyond just calibrations. That is why we offer calibration services. If an instrument is no longer accurate or beyond repair, we can offer you a good alternatives. We are happy to provide you with our expert advice about the options and possibilities.