Traqc-3 LL

Traqc-3 LL calibration furnace

With the Traqc-3 LL calibration oven you easily calibrate the temperature of sensors or instruments in the laboratory. This temperature oven features a special patented heat/cooling component. This creates a very stable and even temperature distribution in the block. This allows you to properly calibrate the instrument to be measured. We supply the Traqc-3 as a laboratory calibrator (LL) and as a mobile calibrator (FM). In combination with the AutoCal+ calibration software, the calibration process follows fixed routines. This benefits quality and saves a lot of time.

Technical specifications

Range: -30-150°C
Accuracy: +/- 0.4°C, average +/- 0.2°C
Fast cooling time
Stabilization time: 35 minutes


The Traqc-3 LL calibration oven is the solution for temperature calibrations in the laboratory. Professionals such as maintenance people and engineers working in the (petro)chemical, oil or gas industry enjoy working with the Traqc-3 LL.

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Traqc-3 LL block

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