PTC200 & PTC700

PTC200 & PTC700

The PTC200 and PTC700 are a reliable solution for calibrating temperature sensors. The PTC200 has a temperature range of -55 to 200°C, while the PTC700 is capable of calibrating temperature sensors from room temperature up to 700°C. Both calibrators feature a large touchscreen for easy and intuitive operation and offer accurate calibration with resolution down to 0.001°C/K, with high temperature stability. This ensures the highest quality and reliability for your calibration needs.

Technical specifications

The PTC200 has the widest temperature range on the market with cooling and heating
Easy operation via the integrated 7-inch touch screen
Shortest stabilization time
High temperature stability

The PTC200/700 from Druck

The PTC200 features unique hybrid technology with a combination of high-performance resistance heating and Peltier elements, providing the fastest cooling and heating times. This calibrator also features a patented touchscreen for easy operation and device under test management with barcode scanner accessory. The PTC700 offers the same benefits as the PTC200, including  the patented control technology and touch screen. In short, the PTC series calibrators are the ideal choice for accurate and reliable calibration of temperature sensors in a wide range of applications.


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