CTD9100 serie

CTD9100 dry-well calibrator

When it comes to the operational safety of machines and plants, it is important that each sensor indicates the correct value at a desired temperature. You can ensure this by using the portable CTD9100 series dry-well calibrator. These calibrators are great for on- site calibrations. Because of their compact design and light weight, they are user- friendly and easy to carry.

Technical specifications

Various temperature ranges from -55 to 650 °C
Measurement uncertainties of 0.15 ... 0,8 K
Compact design
Simple operation


CTD9100 series temperature dry-well calibrators work with temperature- controlled metal blocks and interchangeable inserts, also called inserts. The calibrator combines a stable heat source with an internal precision PT100 temperature measurement. The desired temperature is easily and quickly adjusted using two keys on the controller. The instrument’s indicator accurately shows the actual temperature generated on a large four-digit display. This can be compared to the instrument being tested. Thus, industrial temperature sensors are calibrated even more efficiently.


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