CTB9400 liquid bath

The CTB9400 calibration liquid bath helps you test or calibrate a wide variety of temperature sensors. The liquid baths are used both in the workshop and in a laboratory for calibrating sensors in an internal liquid bath. The liquid in the tank can be set very precisely to the desired temperature. The CTB9400 has a range of 28 to 300 °C. The liquid bath guarantees a stable and homogeneous temperature. Different liquids are available for different temperatures for optimal performance.

Technical specifications

Temperature range 28 ... 300 °C
2 x USB (host, instrument), Ethernet and RS-232 interface
High accuracy, reliable temperature control
5-point calibration for control sensors (optional)
Controller with 5.7" color touch screen and menu navigation in 11 languages


This instrument is widely used in situations where high accuracy and stability are required. Also, the temperature transfer between the liquid and sensor is optimal, for example for glass thermometers or gas-lled systems with a non-symmetrical shape. The liquid in the tank guarantees optimal temperature transfer for all shapes and types of sensors. This signicantly reduces the overall measurement uncertainty. These calibration baths feature a temperature- controlled tank with a usable depth of 200 mm (7.87″). The maximum immersion depth for the test items is 200 mm (7.87″).

Food & Pharma

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