Traqc-9 P

The Traqc-9 P pressure indicator

The Traqc-9 P is an accurate pressure indicator that can be placed in your test bench, for example. The measuring instrument contains multiple pressure sensors with a standard measuring range from vacuum to 1000 bar. The Traqc-9 P incorporates all functionalities for performing the most common pressure measurements in one compact and robust instrument.

Technical specifications

Transmitter output measure
Built-in barometric reference sensor
High accuracy, 0.02% FS
Vacuum and pressures up to 1000 bar
Multiple pressure sensors for accurate and wide range


With three function keys, four navigation keys and a simple menu structure, the Traqc-9 P is easy to operate. The instrument measures pressure very accurately (0.02 % FS), it measures mA and V signals and can power transmitters. The instrument has a loop calibration function and a switch test function. Our calibration software AutoCal+ makes working with this instrument easy.

Traqc-9 P bench top

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