The CPG2500 from WIKA

Do you want a digital pressure indicator that can be equipped with multiple ranges? Then the CPG2500 digital pressure indicator from Wika is a readily applicable measuring instrument. The CPG2500 digital pressure indicator can be configured with 1, 2 or 3 pressure sensors. Two sensors are internal and the third is external. The pressure sensors are pneumatically isolated so that a wide range of sensors can be applied. Pressure ranges range from 0 ... 25 mbar to 0 ... 2,890 bar. You can also add a barometric reference sensor.

Technical specifications

Removable/exchangeable sensors
Accuracy to 0.008% IS
External pressure ranges of 25 mbar ... 1000 bar
Precision 0.004 % FS
Pressure ranges from 0 ... 25 mbar to 0 ... 2,890 bar (0 ... 0.36 to 0 ... 42,000 psi)


The CPG2500 digital pressure indicator is used in calibration laboratories, test rooms and manufacturing facilities where precision pressure measurements must be made. It is used to accurately test or calibrate pressure instruments. Also, the CPG2500 is used as a laboratory standard when very high and stable accuracy is needed. The pressure sensors can be removed and exchanged so that the availability of the instrument can be further optimized.


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