DPI 610E

DPI 610E from Druck

The DPI 610E from Druck lets you effortlessly generate and measure pressure while feeding and reading the sensor to be calibrated. The built-in pump is greatly improved and the touchscreen and push buttons make operation super simple. The DPI 610E has a total measurement uncertainty of 0.025%FS over a full year and a wide temperature range. Available in normal (blue) and intrinsically safe / ATEX (yellow) versions, the DPI 610E is the ideal solution for your test and calibration challenges in the field.

Technical specifications

Complete pressure calibration tool offers extensive pressure ranges
An internal barometer with barometer port for easy calibration
A responsive touchscreen display with a high-contrast, backlit display
USB port for transferring data or performing firmware upgrades
Improved battery life with more than 60 hours of continuous use after a single 2-hour charge
User-friendly interface with touchscreen and/or button navigation
Basic HART functionality included


The complete pressure calibration tool offers extensive pressure ranges:

  • Vacuum up to 35 bar/500 psi/3.5 MPa pneumatic pressures with built-in barometer for accurate pseudo pressure measurements
  • Up to 1000 bar/15000 psi/100 MPa hydraulic pressure

Additional accessories such as a carrying case, car charger, pressure adapter kits and hydraulic and pneumatic hoses are also available.

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