Traqc-20 LPC

The Traqc-20 LPC

Are you looking for an instrument for generating and measuring very low pressure? The Traqc-20 LPC generates and measures any low pressure point very accurately. The instrument can also be used as a test and calibration instrument for pressure sensors and pressure switches. The Traqc-20 LPC has an internal pressure generator. This ensures that the set pressure can be set without any other necessary auxiliary instrumentation. Furthermore, the instrument has an internal Li-ion battery, which ensures easy mobile use of the instrument.

Technical specifications

Very low pressure calibrator 0 ...1 to 0 ...1000 mBar
High precision
Compact size
Easy to operate
Li-ion battery


The Traqc-20 LPC is particularly suitable for stable pressure control in very low pressure ranges, for example for calibration of sensors responsible for pressure measurements in clean rooms and high-performance lters. With one operation, the instrument generates the correct pressure and displays the actual value. In combination with the calibration software AutoCal+, calibrations can be performed fully automatically.

Traqc-20 LPC

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