The MK6 leak test case

The MK6 is a pneumatic pressure measuring instrument that allows you to easily measure whether your product is leaking based on pressure loss. After connecting to compressed air supply and entering the test parameters, you perform a leak tightness test fully automatically. Thanks to the built-in booster, you can reach test pressures up to 10 bar. The MK6 comes in a rugged portable tight case, making the instrument ideal for mobile use. Pressure safety is monitored both actively (software-based) and passively (mechanical overpressure protection).

Technical specifications

Test range: 2..10 barg
Internal booster: pressure ratio 1:2
Cleanliness: Grade 4
Pressure protection: CE marked
Calibration: ISO17025 calibration certificate
Automated test sequence


This instrument is widely used for performing leak tests on uid circuits. Examples include refrigeration lines and water lines in complex assemblies.

The instrument is delivered grade 4 clean as standard, making it ideal for applications in clean room environments.

MK6 onderdeel

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