handpomp 8135

The hand pump 8135

Hand pump model 8135 can generate pressures up to about 5 bar. A very convenient tool for generating and adjusting pneumatic pressure. The hand pump has a plastic casing which ensures maximum grip and prevents heat transfer from, for example, the heat of your hand. This could result in unwanted pressure fluctuations. The pump is compact, rugged and lightweight which makes it ideal to take with you in the field.

Technical specifications

Range: approx. 5 bar (0 to 7 bar version optional)
Very fine pressure control
Heat-insulating material
Private labeling possible


The hand pump section is located at one end of the pump. This allows vacuum pressure to be generated quickly and adjusted with the volume control on the other end of the pump. Air can be admitted slowly to break the vacuum using the ne metering valve. Vacuum connections are made through a 1/8″ NPT connection. This hand pump is also available as an OEM product. It is then possible, for example, to engrave your company name and/or logos on the pump body.

Handpomp 8125

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