Traqc-22 DWT

The Traqc-22 dead weight tester (DWT)

The Traqc-22 DWT is a primary and highly accurate calibrator for pressure measuring instruments. It can be used in the calibration laboratory as well as in remote locations. The Traqc-22 DWT allows you to calibrate safely with a stable reference pressure. The instrument operates mechanically and thus without electricity. This makes it a robust and durable measuring device.

Technical specifications

Most accurate 0.015% in its class up to 1400 bar
Dual piston option for long range
Precision volume control with 26cc range per stroke
For the calibration of all types of pressure measuring instruments
Suitable for factory calibration and calibration laboratory
Stainless steel weight set


The Traqc-22 DWT is the reference instrument for calibrating pressures with high accuracy. The instrument realizes a wide and accurate range. Because it operates without electricity, the instrument can be used in remote locations. In addition, the device allows you to make and measure high pressures safely. Calibration software such as AutoCal+ makes working with this instrument easy.

Drukmetingen DWT

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