The PACE series from Druck

Are you looking for a measuring instrument to perform fully automatic pressure checks, tests and calibrations? DRUCK's PACE series pneumatic pressure controllers offer the solution. With the latest control and measurement technology, they offer an elegant and cost-effective solution with this series. Within the PACE series for pressure controllers, there are two versions, namely the PACE 5000 and the PACE 6000. The PACE 5000 has a single pressure module, the 6000 version has a dual pressure module.

Technical specifications

Pressures up to 210 bar
Accuracy to 0.005% R +0.005% FS
High control stability
Interchangeable pressure modules
Quick pressure regulator


The control system technology ensures high control stability and controlled setting of the desired pressure. The measuring instruments are mainly used in service companies, mechanical engineering and automotive industry. The instruments are very suitable for performing efcient, fast and accurate calibration work. Furthermore, you can use them to perform burst test, leak test and switch test. The PACE modules can be used stand-alone but can also be built into our test bench. These pressure modules feature piezo- resistive sensor technology that offer high quality, stability, bandwidth and accuracy.

PACE 6000

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